Adam Greydon Reid’s film – 'Dancing in the Flames', has caught my spirit in my work in ways that open it to the widest possible audience. His sensibility in bringing different parts of my life together, the adventurous way he blends my inner and outer lives, contributes much to think about to people who are building inner confidence to live their own Self.

Marion Woodman

“What I love about this film is that it speaks to my creative soul. It speaks to that part of me that sometimes feels buried under the snow, and to that part of me that is bursting with life. And with Faith Hubley’s beautiful animation - it becomes this amazing piece of living art.”

Sandra Oh  - Award winning actress, ‘Grey’s Anatomy’,’Sideways’.

M A R I O N  W O O D M A N

D  A  N  C  I  N  G   I  N   T  H  E   F  L  A  M  E  S

YES WE CAN © 1988 The Hubley Studio, Inc.








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